What are the Effects of CBD on Horses?

Like their human counterparts, horses can experience pain, inflammatory disorders, and auto-immune disorders such as allergies. While there are conventional methods to treat these conditions in animals, interest in natural alternatives is increasing among veterinarians and horse owners. CBD oil is one of several natural treatments that owners can use. The effects of CBD on horses are largely positive, as the treatment reduces inflammation and pain. CBD oil has also been shown to relieve anxiety and stress, particularly in horses that are subjected to overstimulating environments like performance arenas.

What is CBD?

CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant family, but it does not contain significant levels of THC. Cannabis plants that contain THC are responsible for producing the “high” or nervous system effects that many people associate with cannabis. Since CBD oil does not contain enough THC to produce these effects, it is legal across the United States.

Is it Safe for Horses?

Using CBD oil on horses causes it to interact with the nervous system and the major organs. CBD oil produces an enhanced or augmented effect on already naturally occurring receptors within a horse’s body. The result is increased anti-inflammatory activity, as well as protection against seizures and tumors. CBD oil can help regulate the immune system, impact and improve memory, help manage pain, and ward off the development of cancerous cells.

Positive Effects

In horses, the positive effects of using CBD fall into three main categories. CBD can help owners and veterinarians manage pain, mitigate anxiety and stress, and reduce systemic inflammation. Pain from several conditions, including sprains, fractures, and wounded hoofs, can be managed with CBD oil. The natural treatment can also be used to reduce the severity of the immune system’s response, which can lead to allergies and hypersensitivity to environmental triggers. Inflammatory conditions like arthritis can also be managed with CBD, in addition to treating mood disorders and aggressive behaviors linked to anxiety.

The use of CBD oil on horses is a personal choice for many owners, but it is a viable option for managing conditions related to inflammation. As traditional treatments may not always work or produce unwanted side effects, natural treatments can be perceived as more favorable to some owners. The ability to relieve and manage pain, reduce signs of stress and anxiety, and manage inflammatory conditions can be a source of relief for owners worried about their animals’ quality of life.

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